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Stay Safe

To Our Tijeras Family & Friends

What a journey this has been… When the shutdown was announced we went into shock mode, everyone thought, “what next? and how long would this last? Here we are one year and four months later, and we have had the governor lift restrictions as of July 1st, 2021, allowing businesses to use their own discretion …

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Dry, Frizzy Hair

Is your hair Screaming Out For Help? Shake it Up!

Combat Dry, Frizzy, or Greasy Hair. There’s now a cure for all! Seasonal changes has a fundamental affect on your hair. Shake up your hair care routine in the summer months, when UV rays are at their strongest. The most obvious symptom of sun exposure is fading hair color. UV rays effect hair pigment, acting …


Tijeras Wins 2 Best of the City Awards for 2020

Thanks to our wonderful clientele, Albuquerque the Magazine has awarded Tijeras Hair Co. 2 Best of the City Awards for 2020: Best Hair Salon: Top Five Best Make-Up Artist: Top Five Leslie Baca We Appreciate Your Support!

Tijeras Hair Co Albuquerque Hair Salon

What Has It Taken To Keep Our Salon & Small Businesses Open?

One of the biggest problems that the COVID19 pandemic brought upon us was grown-out roots & shapeless haircuts, making everyone very eager to step foot into the salon again. But a bigger problem that the pandemic brought to us, was the financial burden it had on small/non-essential businesses, especially hair salons. Many salons got hit …

Why Buy Products From The Salon?

First and foremost, the ingredients. Salon products use highly concentrated, high-quality ingredients that nourish and hydrate your hair. When looking at the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle, you will see that there is not a huge difference between the salon and grocery store products. The best way to explain this is to …


Stay Safe & Beautiful From COVID19!

What a journey this has been. When the shutdown was announced we went into shock mode, everyone thought, what next and how long would this last? We had to catch our breath and go back to work even though there was no income. Salons started talking to each other through the internet sharing advice on …


The New Norm for Tijeras Hair Co.

We are now a NO CASH SALON! All Credit Cards Accepted. Why? Read Below Stated by Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology and immunology at The University of Arizona, advises people to avoid handling cash, which he called “one of the most filthy things in our society, period.” Paper money is made of cotton, an …

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