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Tijeras Story

A Warm, Inviting Atmosphere

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

We have had the privilege of working with a diverse clientele – people of all ages and cultures. Not only have they brought us success in our community, but each client has enhanced our lives.

Committed to staying current with the trends, we pursue extensive continuing education to create the latest styles for every age group. Our entire team has been trained in the Tijeras technique of cutting and design, so that you can be confident of experiencing the personalized service you desire. Tijeras is the place to go!

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We have hand-selected products for both skin and hair care that have been tested in the salon for their quality and performance.

The Story Behind Our Belief That The Right Products Really Do Make A Difference

A young man came into our salon with hopelessly unhealthy, thinning, and severely brittle hair. His hair reminded me of a parched desert plant, pleading for a drop of water. I made a proposal to him: if he would shampoo and condition – using the right product line – for two weeks, he would see tremendous results. Two weeks later, he returned to show me the transformation. Not only was his hair shiny and healthier, but new growth was appearing. His experience reinforced my conviction that the right product, whether skin care or hair care, will give measurable results. That is why we personally test every product line sold in the salon.

Our experience in testing products for their quality and performance was honed during 40 years of creating and manufacturing our own line of hair care products, Tijeras Naturals. We learned a lot in the process about the obstacles faced by small-to-medium-size manufactures and artisans. Though it was very successful, we recently retired the Tijeras Naturals product line, realizing we wanted to apply our experience to a new additional business venture.

Our passion has always been to help others who have fallen on hard times. Tijeras has contributed products, cuts, and services to those in our community who are less fortunate or donated to non-profit organizations assisting those in need.

Thank you for supporting us through the years!
–Jacqueline & Elizabeth Asher