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Hair Extensions

Tijeras Hair Extensions

Enhance your look with
voluminous & full-body hair extensions

Custom extensions provide an incredibly flawless and seamless addition to your natural hair. They are bonded flexibly and can easily be put into pony tails, buns or even up-dos for special occasions. 

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We use 100% authentic human hair and medical-grade adhesive for longer-lasting results!
You can incorporate full-volume, length, perfect color match, texture to match
your own, or a splash of color for accent.

A Beautiful Bridal Look

Looking for glamorous bridal hair? Extensions can make your wedding-day styling faster and easier. It is also convenient, because extensions mean your hair will be styled for all of the pre and post wedding celebrations as well.

Hair is a huge source of confidence for many women, so wearing extensions for a day when you want to look and feel your absolute best is a must!

Full Hair Extensions

You may love long and silky hair but there are so few of us who actually have the patience to let it grow.

In fact, you may never be able to get your hair just how you like it. (As is the curse of “the grass is always greener.”) And short of just putting on a wig (which can be fun, but difficult to make convincing), there are only so many options you have in that case. One of those solutions, which may offer you an “easy button” for your hair is full hair extensions.

Rainbow & Pastels

Add a splash of color without coloring your real hair. Colored hair extensions are a great way to transform your hair from basic to wow!

Don’t want to damage your hair with fun colors? Our rainbow and pastel extensions are perfect for adding a splash of color without the harsh chemicals. Just a few pieces of these fun colors can be worn to give your look that extra pazas!

A Natural Balayage Look

Balayage in French means “to sweep.” When people are talking about the Balayage hair style, they mean the sweeping colors. This allows for the ‘sun-kissed’ natural looking hair color. This color also gives the hair softer and less noticeable regrowth lines and is created to make soft and natural looks.

Balayage hair extension range have been carefully designed to ensure natural blending with gorgeous ombre combinations .

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