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Do You Remember The 70’s?

1970’s: The Decade Of Change Men and women alike welcomed these changes which displayed through fashion and new ideas for hairstyling. The “Wedge”, the “Shag”, the “‘Fro” and long straight locks are just a few examples of the fresh new looks the younger generation had embraced. Millennials today are re-creating these “far out” looks and …


1940’s Sleek Hairstyles

Drastic changes in fashion were made since the Roaring ’20s and displayed through different hairstyling techniques. Large curls and volume were very popular during this time, the “messy” look of today’s modern world would not have been socially accepted. With men being away for war, women took on the role of the breadwinners as well …


Out With The Old, In With The New!

That’s right, perms are back and are taking on a new look! New waves boost a more relaxed movement than the old tight poodle curl. Book Your Appointment With Our Perm Specialist Santana Today!! Click here to see a full list of Tijeras Hair Co. hair services.


If I wear a ponytail every day, is it bad for my hair?

Wearing a pony tail every day can cause breakage, snagging, or splintering of the hair. If wearing it down is not an option—maybe you play sports, work in a profession where you can’t have your hair hanging down, or you just like the look of a sleek ponytail—there are preventative measures you can take in …


Haircuts for a Receding Hairline

“I am in my late 20s, and I have a receding hairline. What is the best cut for me now? Should I use styling products?” A short cut, especially in the front, will de-emphasize your receding hairline. We also recommend that you use a light gel or mousse, which will give you an updated look. …


Is daily shampooing recommended even for curly hair?

This is the only exception to the general guidance to shampoo daily. For extremely curly hair, we have found that it is better to shampoo less frequently. On days that you do not shampoo, wet your hair in the shower, but only use conditioner. Then, comb through and blot dry with a paper towel to …


I am interested in hair extensions. What are my options?

Hair extensions come in many options that are fun and glamorous. Leslie Baca has experience with helping you select the best type of extensions. Temporary clip-ons are the least damaging to your hair. Once Leslie has designed and created your complete look, you can reapply the clip-ons yourself. Another approach is to have your extensions …


The Right Cut and the Right Ouidad Product Makes All the Difference!

First of all, did you know that there are four types of curl? Loose Curl: Needs curl amplification Classic Curl: Needs balanced hydration Tight Curl: Needs deep moisture Kinky Curl: Needs restorative care When it comes to curls, one size does NOT fit all. All curls—softly spiraled, coily, or voluminous—are undeniably beautiful. However, not all …

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