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COVID-19 & Your Hair!


COVID-19 & Your Hair!

There is no research yet on exactly how long the virus can live on your hair, but from what research shows, each hair strand has natural oils that cover and acts as a protectant against the coronavirus, but the natural oil only acts as a limited barrier.

So, we cannot rely on natural oil production alone, especially since it varies for each person and hair type. The best way to stay safe is to wash your hair daily.No need to panic or wash your hair multiple times a day. Just Daily!

Shampoo that has mild surfactants, which are charged molecules that will bind to dirt, oil, bacteria, and viruses will help to get rid of them or kill them. Ask your stylist what the right shampoo for your hair type is.

“Washing hair will prevent whatever matter is on your hair from being maintained,”

“Washing hair will prevent whatever matter is on your hair from being maintained,” says Dr. Adam Friedman, the interim chair of dermatology at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
The health and safety of our clients and staff is a top priority! We highly encourage our clients to take this advice into consideration to prevent the spread of the virus in any way possible. Let’s all do our part one step at a time to make sure of this, it all starts at home and with your daily routine!

Thank you for your support! Tijeras Staff ✂️

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