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The Tijeras Story

Jacqueline and Elizabeth Asher (Owners and Developers)
Tijeras Naturals and Tijeras Hair Co. (Salon) Albuquerque New Mexico

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mother-daughterMy daughter Elizabeth and I are the creators of Tijeras Hair Co. and Tijeras Naturals hair care line. Our pride and joy has been our salon for the last decade. We have the privilege of working with a wonderful clientele that has not only brought us success in our community but each client has enhanced our lives. Our education has been extensive to stay current with the trends so we can create the latest styles for every age group.

The inspiration for our products came from years of working in the salon. We wanted our products to combat the many problems arising from the over use of styling aids, and the effects of harsh environmental climates. Our mission is to provide our consumers with the finest quality, high-performing, and salon-proven products.

Our guarantee is that our line will work on all hair types including maintaining the beauty of color treated hair.


A man came to my salon with hopelessly unhealthy and severely brittle hair. His hair reminded me of a parched desert plant, pleading for a drop of water. I made a deal with him: if he would shampoo daily, using the products I recommended according to the product directions for two weeks, he would see tremendous results.Two weeks later, he returned to show me the transformation. Not only was his hair shiny and healthier, but new growth was appearing. His experience reinforced my conviction that there was a market for a natural hair-care line that did not just make promises but gave measurable results.


OUR PRODUCTS:tijeras natural products


Tijeras means:
Tijeras (tee-HAIR-ahs):  "scissors" in Spanish.
Organic/Natural: purity of ingredients
Tijeras combines salon performance with certified organic ingredients


Tijeras Naturals Hair Care Line:
Clary Cucumber Shampoo, Conditioner and Intense Deep Conditioning Revitalizer
Crimson Clove Shampoo, Conditioner and Intense Deep Conditioning Revitalizer
Uber Unscented Shampoo and Conditioner for the environmentally sensitive

We have researched nature's bounty and chosen plants and herbs that offer exceptional protective qualities unsurpassed by synthetic counterparts. The plants and herbs we use in our products are plentiful and leave no traces of harmful wastes

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